Nantucket Lightship Baskets by Wendy L. Marshall
Rainbow Fleet

A Word About Ivory

Ivory and scrimshaw are available in a wide selection of size, shape and design. Custom scrimshaw can be made to suit most any desire. Mammoth Ivory can be used for scrim or carvings. Please contact me to discuss your thoughts for custom ivory and scrimshaw. Price is dependent upon size, antiquity (rarity) and scrimshaw. Please see the gallery for some examples.

As we are all sensibly concerned about our natural resources and the health and sustainability of our natural world, some people want reassurance that the ivory on their baskets has made its way there responsibly.

All ivory used on my baskets is legally obtained under the rules and laws of the United States of America.

Some would prefer not to use ivory on their baskets. While it is true that there is really no equal substitute for the beauty and feel of natural ivory, baskets can be made free of any ivory by the use of natural bone or hardwoods, and I am happy to guide you in your selection.

Ivory Example